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Bullying No Way
I am Jack by Susanne Gervay  


Date: Thursday 17th March

Time: 9:30am - 10:15am

Target audience: Year 4-6

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I Am Jack is REAL!
Jack’s inspired by Susanne Gervay’s son who is annoying, funny, can fix nearly anything… and she loves him and calls him DARLING. He gets really mad about that.
He’d do anything for his family and friends – even though he jokes about it.
Jack didn’t understand how he ended up targeted, isolated, bullied, until it wasn’t funny anymore. He was afraid, powerless, victimised. When the parent of Anna, Jack’s friend rang to tell Susanne that her son was in deep trouble, she could hardly breathe with the pain of it.
It was a hard journey to win against bullying, but Jack did because the secrecy was broken, because his mother stood beside him, his family, his friends, his teacher and school were there. His mates came back and he found himself again and Jack fought for who he was.

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English - Stage 2
EN2-1A, EN2-4A, EN2-6B, EN2-10C, EN2-11D, EN2-7B, EN2-2A

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English - Year 3
English - Year 4

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