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These resources have been specifically designed for the Australian Curriculum, and can be downloaded for free. You may view, display, print out, copy and modify this material for non-commercial educational purposes provided you retain all acknowledgements associated with the material. Sort by curriculum or key learning areas by clicking on the tabs and links below.
How to view our new Prowise Presenter resources

ELB now offers free resources for Prowise Presenter. To view and use these resources, first create a FREE account at Once you have an account you are able to access any of our free resources below, just click ‘view’ and it will automamatically open the resource in a new window. While in Presenter you can also click open and browse our Community folders for resources organised into subject folders. If you’d like to make changes to any resource, and customise to suit your class, just make the changes and save the file into your local ‘private’ folder, for easy access.

NOTE: If you do not have a Presenter account, or are not logged in, when you access our resources you will be re-directed to a page asking you to login/signup. Please follow the prompts to login or register, ensuring you have selected "English - Australia" in the top right corner.
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