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Professional development doesn’t have to be limited to seminars and workshops. Products from brands such as IRIS Connect and FrontRow offer educators flexible options for lesson observation and reflection. As a Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW endorsed provider of registered Professional Development, we are committed to building the capacity of teachers to use our products through the ELB Academy. Our Education Consultants are fully qualified teachers who come from a variety of educational settings, with the knowledge and skills to train teachers and assist them to integrate technology into their pedagogy.
IRIS Connect

IRIS Connect™ empowers teachers and educators by allowing them to reflect, analyse, and share teaching practices.

The system has been adopted by a large number of schools across the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. The video-based system combined with an internet application enables schools to review teacher practice at any time.
IRIS connect for professional development

Case Studies
Chifley College case study
Supporting teaching outcomes with IRIS Connect
Chifley College was the first Australian school to implement IRIS Connect. Read more.

An effective sound field amplifies the decibels of speech and distributes sound throughout the space. Each student is able to hear and understand what the teacher is saying no matter where they are in the classroom. The product range from FrontRow provides a number of fixed and portable options for schools.

The FrontRow system also supports students with hearing impairments including Otitis Media, and complies with the ACMA January 2015 changes to the wireless frequency range.

FrontRow Juno System
Case Studies

Aspley State School
Aspley State School

Aspley State School uses FrontRow Juno and Pro Digital to improve the audibility of curriculum delivery. Read more.
Training Services

ELB Education offers a wide range of Professional Development options. We provide courses for all levels, from beginners getting started, right through to curriculum and technology-based courses. The ELB Academy can also work directly with schools to determine their PD needs and customise a training package to suit all teachers at all levels. To find out more, contact
ELB Academy

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