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Video Collaboration is rapidly growing within schools across Australia. The challenges our schools have with travel and distance are obvious factors to this growth but it’s actually the content that’s key. ELB Education has partnered with many of Australia’s leading authors, museums, galleries, musicians, and sports teams to provide a unique video experience for students across the country.

Video collaboration is more than just video conferencing. We like to incorporate and promote a wide range of technology in our sessions to make video collaboration more than talking heads on a screen. Video conferencing equipment, interactive whiteboards, interactive flat panels, data conferencing software, and student devices such as laptops and iPads all play an important part in the learning and the fun.

Polycom’s video conferencing solution offers educators a unique way to engage students. RealPresence video solutions can connect your classroom to an ever-growing network of video conferencing events and providers, allowing students to access a range of interactive and innovative educational experiences.
Case Studies

Lismore Case Study
Video Conferencing Opens Up the World!
Creating a digital classroom at Lismore Primary School with Polycom® HD video conferencing. Read more.

VCme is video conferencing made easy! The cloud-based video conferencing system facilitates a range of different ways to connect – whether through your room system, via a web browser, or using mobile devices.

VCme’s Virtual Meeting Room enables you to connect with other colleagues, schools, or institutions, across a range of different browsers and devices. VCme offers the benefits of video conferencing without the more expensive costs of running your own full service network. For more information, please contact one of our Education Consultants.

VCme Windows set up guide