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Visual aids play an important part in modern educational settings. Projectors and other visual solutions such as digital screens can be used to display information and explore educational content, allowing teachers to tap into the vast world of online educational resources.
Magic Planet

The Magic Planet is a sphere-shaped projection globe that displays dynamic digital media. The huge range of global content available makes it possible to explore everything from countries of the world to the effects of a tsunami. It has been proven to significantly increase comprehension, participation, and collaboration. Find out more here.

The Magic Planet

Global Imagination ELB EDU

Schools around the world have had a long history with the data projector. The modern day projector includes many improvements to the size, resolution, throw distance, aspect ratio, inputs, and wireless connectivity to name a few. ELB, along with our partners Epson and NEC, have a complete solution for all your school spaces. Speak to an Education Consultant for more information.

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Epson Projector EB-575Wie_600 ELB EDU
LCD Panels

LED and LCD panels play an important role in educational institutions. They can be used for everything from public announcements to displaying important information or educational media. ELB has established key partnerships with brands like NEC, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, and LG, providing schools with a choice of proven brands from world-class suppliers. To view our range of interactive panels, click here.
Featured Product

Samsung DB55D
Samsung DB55D
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NEC P553