ELB Academy Professional Development Services

Providing your staff with the right training and professional development is the key to ensuring classroom technology lives up to its full potential. Our courses are not just about using educational technology - they are about using the technology to promote quality teaching and to achieve curriculum outcomes effectively. Courses can be delivered in-house at the ELB Academy, face to face at a school venue, or online to remote locations. ELB is a Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW endorsed provider of registered Professional Development. 

The courses:
  • are designed and delivered by Australian teachers who have extensive experience using ICT in the classroombostes
  • assist teachers to use technology effectively within a pedagogical framework
  • use hands-on examples, discuss real classroom scenarios, and give practical ideas for teaching and learning
  • can be customised to suit different educational settings, curriculum requirements, and professional learning needs
  • are aligned to Australian Curriculum Frameworks and Syllabuses, and
  • are endorsed by the NSW Board of Studies.